Goodyear construction goes cruelty-free

It's a world first in the field of footwear: we are the only one to make "cruelty-free" shoes with the Goodyear method.

Goodyear welt construction was invented in the late nineteenth century and soon became synonymous with high-class English shoemaking. Over time it has become a real "must" in luxury footwear, offering many advantages: robustness, durability, comfort, and a unique design that gives the shoe a distinctive and elegant touch. And today, thanks to Opificio V, it is also sustainable. 

Once again, our company - renowned for its careful selection of materials, collaborations with exclusively Italian master craftsmen, attention to detail and commitment to the timeless 'Made in Italy' ideal - is taking a further step, offering a high-quality collection that emphasises the connection between ethics and aesthetics.


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